Work with Us

Millwoods Maternity Care Clinic is a community of healthcare professionals who like to do things a little differently. Through our experience at various clinics and hospitals over the years, we noticed a few subtle ways we could make practicing medicine much more enjoyable. We offer the very best to our physicians and employees.

  • Our streamlined office environment makes appointments as efficient as possible.
  • We understand that many physicians prefer to focus on medicine rather than paperwork. Our clerical staff can assist you with non-clinician tasks.
  • Our support staff are top-notch.
  • We believe in simple, ethical, public health care. While private treatments such as massage therapy or baby-wearing classes may sometimes be offered on our premises, we will never pressure physicians to sell private therapies or testing.
  • You will notice little things that help staff focus on their own health, like our weekly delivery of fresh fruit and nutritious snacks.
  • Millwoods Maternity Care Clinic is owned and run by physicians. We are always open to feedback and interested in how we could improve our systems.
  • If you are a baby-wearing physician, good news – you can bring your baby to work.
  • Millwoods Maternity Care Clinic is an equal-opportunity employer. We thrive on diversity.
  • We have an EMR that can be accessed from anywhere.