If you require immediate emergency assistance at any time, dial 911. For non-emergency assistance, you may call HealthLink at 811.

If under 20 weeks gestational age, for emergencies (eg. heavy bleeding, severe pain etc), go to the Grey Nuns Community Hospital emergency room or the emergency room at the hospital nearest to you.

If over 20 weeks gestational age, for emergencies, go to the Grey Nuns Community Hospital and you will be assessed in the Obstetrical Outpatient Unit.

If you are over 20 weeks gestational age and unsure what to do you may contact labour and delivery at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital at (780) 735-7036 for direction.

If you need to contact the physician on call directly, you may call the the clinic at (780) 761-3177. The receptionist or the information on the answering machine will then direct you to the physician pager.

For non-emergency questions, call us and book an appointment with one of the physicians. A physician is in the clinic five days per week and we can usually get you in to see someone on fairly short notice (we will attempt to have you see your designated maternity doctor, if at all possible).