I’m pregnant. When should I see a doctor?

We recommend that patients come in for their initial visit when they are 8–12 weeks pregnant. However, if you are further along in your pregnancy and you have not yet seen a doctor, it is not too late to book an appointment. Patients who have questions or concerns about pregnancy or birth can also book a discussion visit at any time.

Do I need a referral to visit the clinic?

Not necessarily. You can simply call us to make an appointment if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are pregnant
  • You are thinking about becoming pregnant in the near future and wish to discuss nutrition, cessation of birth control, genetic testing etc.
  • You would like to bring your baby in for circumcision (procedure must be done between 1 and 2 weeks of age). However, please note that this service is currently offered only to patients who have already been visiting the clinic throughout their pregnancy.

I’m not pregnant but I need a family doctor. Can I become a patient at the clinic?

At this time, we are focusing on maternity care and related subjects. See our Services tab for a more comprehensive list. If you do not require these services, you may find a family doctor who is accepting new patients at the College of Surgeons and Physicians website or The Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network.

Can my doctor write me a prescription over the phone?

For your own safety, doctors cannot write prescriptions without examining patients first. Please make an appointment. In select cases, your attending physician, who is familiar with your medical history, may be able to fax a prescription to your pharmacy. There is a minimum $20 fee for this service which you will be asked to pay prior to seeing your physician at your next appointment.

Do you offer walk-in services? Or do I need an appointment?

At this time we provide services by appointment only. If you are a current patient at the clinic and have an urgent concern, please call the clinic; we can often fit you in that same day.

Is Millwoods Maternity Care Clinic a private Clinic? Do I have to pay for services?

Typical services at the clinic are covered by provincial health insurance if you have Alberta Health Care coverage. Patients are, however, charged a $320 fee for circumcisions. We also charge a minimum of $20 each for forms, letters, notes for work and faxed prescriptions. Depending on the nature of particular forms and letters, fees may range up to $500. If you require an estimate prior to completion of such paperwork, we are happy to provide one. If you are unsure if your services are covered, you can ask the receptionist when making your appointment. The clinic accepts MasterCard, Visa and debit.

Can you guarantee me a doctor of a particular gender?

Patients are assigned a physician based on preference and physician availability. Please note that the doctor who will attend your delivery will be whoever is on call at that time, including residents. This may be a physician of any gender.