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Millwoods Maternity Care Clinic is an Edmonton area centre focusing on maternity care. We have a number of general practitioners available for maternity, newborn and post-partum health care needs. When necessary, we will refer you to a specialist.

Low-risk Obstetrics

We offer a standard course of care for the pregnant patient – before, during and a few weeks after the birth of their babies. For more information, see our Maternity Care tab.


Breastfeeding can be very rewarding and can improve the well-being of both the lactating person and children. If you are having difficulty breastfeeding, we can help by offering advice and hands-on learning in the privacy and comfort of our lactation room. Partners or support persons may also benefit from attending these sessions to learn how they can provide assistance and encouragement.


This procedure is performed by Drs. Salvalaggio and Swinton at our Millwoods Maternity Care Clinic location. Circumcision is generally performed at one to two weeks of age and can be booked through the clinic. Please ask for information at one of your office visits if you are considering this procedure for your infant. Please note that circumcisions are not covered by Alberta Health Care; a fee applies to this service. This service is currently offered only to patients who have already been visiting the clinic throughout their pregnancy.

Intrauterine Device Insertion (IUDs)

We are now offering intrauterine device insertion for our post-partum patients.

Group Prenatal Visits

Group prenatal care combines your regular physician visit with prenatal education in a supportive environment that fosters a sense of connection and community with other pregnant people.  A Registered Nurse and Physician work together to discuss a variety of topics related to your pregnancy and your journey into parenthood.

Topics include, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and relaxation, childbirth preparation, caring for your baby, infant feeding, postpartum care, relationships, and parenting.

Group prenatal care has been shown to increase prenatal knowledge amoung child bearers, increase personal preparation for labour and birth and increase satisfaction in care.

Baby and Maternity Products

We stock a variety of bath and body products, as well as baby carriers.